Tango for Two

The story of a sailor, the love of his life and one of the best romances to ever grace the stage...

Woman dancing in red dress

Opera Meets Dance

Step into the revolutionary realm of 'Tango for Two', a groundbreaking Canadian opera that seamlessly intertwines the worlds of dance and opera.

Dance, as a pure form of emotional storytelling, gives a raw and unfiltered dimension to this unique artistic experience unique to Tango for Two.

This isn't just another opera; it's a captivating journey into uncharted artistic territory.

“The future of Canadian Opera is bright!” - @stellar_life

Gentleman wearing black suit, leaping and dancing.

Soaring Music...

At the heart of it all is emotion—it's what propels every note, every lyric, and every movement. The reason we sing, cry, dance, and leap for joy.

'Tango for Two' is a showcase of Jonathan Kravtchenko's finest musical compositions, a must-see where stunning creativity and beautiful, passionate music unfold.

Brace yourself for an opera experience like never before. This is a symphony of emotions, a journey beyond the ordinary.

“Opera for a new generation...” - Ludwig-Van

Composer, Jonathan Kravtchenko

From the composer

"Welcome to the world of 'Tango for Two', where dance and opera unite in a revolutionary harmony. As the composer, I invite you to explore the raw and pure emotion woven into this groundbreaking Canadian opera.

By blending these two expressive genres, we've created a canvas larger than life—a powerful platform for storytelling. Join me in experiencing a story fueled by love, passion, and the genuine essence of human emotion!"

- Jonathan Kravtchenko

"Simple and charming..." - Stage-Door Reviews